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Loving Allah

Assalaam Alaykum,

Inshallah everyone is healthy and well. We are excited to announce the Qiyam Program: “Loving Allah.” It will be held on Saturday, February 4th at 8pm-12:30pm at Masjid Ikhlas. Please join us for this beautiful program and take advantage of what it has to offer, all in the favor of our Lord, Allah (SWT)!!! See you all then inshallah!

Jazakallahu Khayr Wasalaam

Announcing Masjid Ikhlas Executive Director (President)

Following the election of the recent shura body of Masjid Ikhlas by masjid members, one of the first duties of the Shura body, is to convene and choose an Executive Director (President) responsible in running the general affairs of the masjid in the coming term.

At this time the Masjid Ikhlas Shura would like to welcome brother Jamshid Ebadi, who has been appointed to fill the role of Executive Director and lead the executive committee. Brother Jamshid has over fifteen years experience in consulting, operations and management in the corporate environment, and looks forward to meeting with leaders, volunteers and community members and continuing to support and build our beautiful community.

May Allah accept all of the efforts of our respected elders who have built our community as well as our volunteers and leadership team, and may He guide us all to what is pleasing and loved by Allah (most high).

-Masjid Ikhlas Board of Directors (Shura)