Before Ramadan Departs: Our Cute Kids Say, “Support Masjid Ikhlas!”

Masjid Ikhlas August 2016 Summer Camp


When – Summer camp this year will be held August 8th through August 12th from 10am to 2p. Halal lunch is served daily.

Who – For ages 4 to 18. Children under 4 will need a parent to attend with them.

Cost –  is $100 per child.

What – We are having a full program this year with Imam Shemsadeen, Sheikh Shinqiqi as well as myself, and two other experienced sisters teaching. Schedule includes classes on Quran, Fiqh, Adab, Aqeedah, and Stories of the Prophets. Kids join in games and activities including arts and crafts.

Register – Please mark your calendars and register for this fun week in August!
Register here:

Volunteer – here: We are always happy for more help! Please consider volunteering:

Contact – Feel free to contact me with questions.
Mariyam Haseeb
Ikhlas Academy
[email protected]

Open House – Your Invited – First Saturday of each Month 3.00 pm to 5pm


Metropolitan Denver North Islamic Center invites you to spend an afternoon with your Muslim friends, neighbors, and community members!

Join us in an effort to build bridges, ask questions, gain knowledge, through the straightforward lectures and interaction tables with fellow Muslims .

Bring your family and friends and make this an event to remember. We look forward to seeing you there! Food and refreshments will be provided

New at Ikhlas! After School Program


Eid Mubarak! Wednesday July 6th -Masjid’s Parking for Elderly, Families with Children & Individuals with Medical Condition

The Colorado Imam Council declares Eit-al-Fitr Wednesday July 6th!

Eid prayer will start at 8:30 AM followed by food and celebration outside! May Allah accept our deeds and our fasts! Amin.

Plan on arriving minimum half an hour before 8:30 AM, best to be there an hour before 8:30 AM.

Parking lot is reserved for

  • the ELDERS
  • Families with YOUNG CHILDREN
  • Individuals who have MEDICAL CONDITION and unable to walk far.

All others will be asked to park across the street if we deem you able to walk.

Please use the crosswalk located by the stop lights at the gas station to cross the street. 

We WILL TOW YOUR CAR if you try and park in the parking lot without the above exceptions. Fear Allah on this day!


Annual Masjid Ikhlas Fundraiser