ShemsAdeen_Ben_MasaudAssalamualaykum dear brothers and sisters, peace and blessings be upon you all,

The Metropolitan Denver-North Islamic Center (Masjid Ikhlas), is pleased to announce that as of December 1st 2015, brother  has accepted an offer to be our new full-time Imam at Masjid Ikhlas.

ShemsAdeen Ben-Masaud was born and raised in Denver Colorado, and graduated from the CU Denver Business School with a degree in MIS. He worked in corporate America for the greater part of a decade while remaining highly engaged in the Muslim community as a youth director, volunteer, and speaker.

Last year he returned from Jordan, where he pursued his formal Islamic education and received

his second bachelor’s at (W.I.S.E ) University in the faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence and its

Foundations. He most recently served as an Imam and Youth Director at the Denver Islamic Society, (Masjid Al Nur). He currently lives in Thornton and is beginning his journey as the Imam and Religious Director at Masjid Ikhlas.

Imam ShemsAdeen brings excitement and energy to the table. Anyone who has ever worked with him will testify that he is a very dedicated and hardworking individual who strives for excellence and efficiency. Imam ShemsAdeen understands the vital components of a successful community which is, first and foremost, to seek the pleasure of Allah, to establish a brotherhood/sisterhood, and to organize community activities. Imam ShemsAdeen is passionate about education, character development, and outreach. He plans to work heavily with the youth brothers and sisters and dawah committees.

It is truly a blessing to have Imam ShemsAdeen as part of our center and we look forward to working together with him and everyone in building this community. Please join us in welcoming Imam ShemAdeen with a good heart and continuous dua for success. We ask Allah to bless him and his family, and to give him good in this life and in the next.


Masjid Ikhlas Executive Board

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