Asalaamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

Masjid Ikhlas – Temporary Closure Announcement

Due to the ever-changing environment and potential impact on our community from COVID-19 and after much deliberation, the Metropolitan Denver North Islamic Center (“Masjid Ikhlas”) Board announces that Masjid Ikhlas will be closed beginning tonight until further notice. We will be monitoring this very fluid situation and will keep you apprised as things change.

For clarification, please note the following:
• 5 daily prayers will not be held at Masjid Ikhlas until further notice

• Jumu’ah salah is cancelled until further notice. Please pray regular Dhuhr salah in your homes in place of jumu’ah salah

• All programs/activities are suspended until further notice. Some programs will be offered online and the leaders of those programs have already began communicating details to their groups

This decision to close the masjid was not made lightly and we ask everyone to make dua that Allah(swt) blesses all our brothers and sisters (here and abroad) with his mercy, grants us the greatest of health and protects us from this virus and other illnesses…Ameen.

As always, please follow the guidance of the public health authority on how to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Jazzakum Allahu Khairun.