For further questions please e-mail ikhlasacademy@masjidikhlas.org

JazakAllahu Khairan.

Are Ikhlas Academy’s teachers/staff paid?

No, no one at Ikhlas Academy is paid. Ikhlas Academy is run solely on a volunteer basis, however we wish to transition to paid positions in the near future to provide consistent high quality education by professionals who are paid for their efforts and time to educate our future leaders.

If you would like to volunteer at Ikhlas Academy or Masjid Ikhlas, please e-mail us at IkhlasAcademy@gmail.com.

Are there any discounts for registering more than one child at Ikhlas Academy?

No, registration fees are a set flat rate regardless of how many students one family may enroll. However, Ikhlas Academy in conjunction with Masjid Ikhlas Finance Committee has Fee Assistance available through the Masjid’s Zakat funds.

Can my child be wait-listed and/or rejected from the school?

Ikhlas Academy reserves the right to reject students in order to comply with ALL SAFETY and BUILDING regulations. Masjid Ikhlas has strict restrictions on how many students may safely fit into one classroom. Masjid Ikhlas does NOT discriminate against race, ethnicity, gender, ideology, school adherence, community involvement, political views, and/ or background. All offenses MUST be reported to the Imam of Masjid Ikhlas via e-mail, dkacem@gmail.com, and/or IkhlasAcademy@gmail.com

Do I need to use www.Engrade.com for my children?

Yes, we believe in order to offer better schooling for your children, ALL guardians are required to use Engrade. This new software allows for easy access to teachers via e-mail, student’s grade, progress reports, etc. A valid e-mail is required to use Engrade.

How are students divided among their levels?

  1. This year we are attempting to improve the “age-group” level system by assessing students in Quran and Arabic the first day of class.  The student will then be placed either in the advanced level of their age group, or the beginner level.  If the teachers are available, we will be able to cater the classes to the student.  Islamic Studies will continue to have a strict “age-group: level system in which students are divided solely by their age group.  Middle school and High school students will also be divided by gender.

Where does my $100 per student registration fee go?

  1. In order to be as transparent as possible we have listed here where that money goes:
    1. $5 – Classroom supplies
      1. White board markers
      2. Erasers
      3. Pencils
      4. Construction Paper
      5. Crayons/ color pencils
      6. Student prizes/ rewards
    2. $5 – Printer paper
      1. We print about 150-200 sheets of white copy paper every Sunday.
      2. Yes we recycle!
    3. $10 – Islamic Studies book
    4. $15 – Arabic Book and Qaidah
  • $10 – Printer ink
    1. Large printer cartridges are $80 each. Small printer cartridges are $40 each.
  1. $7 – Lunch time
    1. Snack and drink
    2. Dodge balls
    3. Basketballs, Soccer balls, and Volleyballs
    4. Hoola-hoops
    5. Jump ropes
    6. Board games
    7. Chalk
  2. $10 – End of Year Project prizes
  3. $20 – End of Year Picnic
    1. Large picnics have cost us $600-$1,000 in past years.
    2. Insha’Allah we have enough funds to provide jumpy houses, free cotton candy machines,
      ice-cone machines, and face painting in all future picnics.

      1. $150 – Rent Pavilion
      2. $400 – Halal food
      3. $200 – Jumpy House
      4. $250 – Cotton Candy, Ice cone, and face painting
  • $18 – Reading and Memorization Quran Competition
    1. Ikhlas Academy will be hosting a Reading and Memorization Qur’an Competition this year.
      The surahs and levels will be strictly taken from the schools Qur’an Curriculum. Prizes would be as large as $100 for first place!