Ikhlas Academy Registration Form

Registration Form

The registration fees have increased significantly from last year. We are using the additional fees to pay our teachers a minimal wage for their services. The fees are not meant to exclude any student who cannot afford them. You may pay upfront for the whole year, by semester or by month; whatever works for you and your family. We have scholarships available for zakat-eligible families. Please let us know if you need assistance.

Registration Fees for 2017-2018 School Year:

Semester Fees:
First Student: $100
Second Student: $90
Third Student: $80
Fourth Student: $50
Fifth and more: free

Family discount of paying full year by Oct 8th: $10

Iqra Discount: $5 per student

Zakat eligible families: $10 per student for year

Family of 3, paying full year by Oct 8th:
2 semesters x $100 + $90 + $80 = 2 Semesters x $ 270 = $540 – $10 (early payment) = $530 for family for the year