Funeral Home


Our vision is to provide comfort to Muslim families of the deceased by taking care of their burial needs.


To provide the Colorado Muslim community with experienced brothers and sisters to help with the process of taking care of  the Muslim deceased needs in accordance with Islamic and State law.


The Masjid Ikhlas community took it upon themselves to establish the first Islamic funeral home in Colorado dedicated to taking care of the deceased according to Islamic law and customs.

The actual building located on Masjid Ikhlas’s property in Northglenn, Colorado cost $40 thousand dollars to establish. The building houses a cooler to store the deceased, a washing table, a casket, and a brand new outfitted van for carrying the deceased to and from the funeral home.

The funeral home became operational in September 2013 thanks to the donation and hard work of volunteers in the Muslim community here in Colorado.

For funeral services or questions please contact Kenny, Sabar, or Mostafa.

Kenny Smith:720-498-0414

Sabar Satar: 720-984-0821

Mostafa Wardak: 720-579-6470