Results for Masjid Ikhlas Shura Members for 2017-2019

Asalaamalikum dear Community Members,

The Masjid Ikhlas Election Committee team is happy to announce the results of the end of the year Shura Elections 2016. The Election Committee for this year was tasked with organizing the election process of the Shura for the upcoming term as well as the proper monitoring and collection of all votes. Alhamdulilah we distributed over 100 ballots and received over 75 returned votes with the following results:

Masjid Ikhlas shura members for the upcoming term of 2017-2019:

–       Dr. Eshaq Aslamy (Shura Chairman)

–       Aref Safi (Shura Secretary)

–       Dr. Mohamed Yasini

–       Dr. Jamaluddin Amin

–       Engineer Abdul-Sabar Satar

–       Brother Bashir Hashem

–       Brother Abdul Rahim Rashidi

We would like to give our deepest thanks for everyone who participated in the election process and provided feedback. We look forward to continuing to work with the Shura and Masjid Administration in the coming term and improving the election process in the future.

We ask Allah to give our leaders guidance and success. May Allah accept all the efforts of our community leaders and members and reward you all in this life and the hereafter.

Masjid Ikhlas New Year Celebration – Dusk Til Dawn Dec. 31, 2016 

Help Rebuild Sheikh Idruss’ Family Home after Fire

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Our brother Sheikh Idruss Saad and his family suffered from a fire that completely destroyed their home and everything in it. Brighton fire says the home is a complete loss.
This happened some weeks ago on November 27, 2016 and you can see the news story here:
Fire Destroys Family’s Home Thanksgiving Weekend

Sheikh Idruss’ wife and children were saved by the help of Allah and Alhamdulilah they are physically unharmed, but they are in need of our prayers and support to get through this hardship. They cannot return to their house at this point as the fire and smoke damage is too severe. Community members have started this fund to help get them back on their feet and inshAllah return to their home.
Sheikh Idruss has been an active member in our community for over three decades, and participated in building and establishing the Colorado Muslim community at large and the various Islamic Centers.
He is the full-time Imam at Masjid Golden, member of the Imam Council and active Daee and Khateeb in different Mosques in Colorado including the Islamic Center of Boulder, Masjid Ikhlas, Masjid Abu Bakr, Al Nur, Masjid Al Shuhadah etc.
Even if you cannot support financially, your prayers are requested before anything else.

Thank you for your love and support and may Allah protect you and your loved ones.
This campaign is being organized by the Colorado Imam Council in cooperation with Masjid Ikhlas. Please direct all inquiries to [email protected] Jazak Allahu Khair!


Dec 23, 2016: Alhamdulilah $1500 collected at Jumuah and another $1500 matched by masjid Ikhlas, for a total of $3000